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DFIR First Response: Five Best Practices for Digital Forensics Incident Response
Tue, Sep 28, 2021 1:00pm-2:15pm Eastern
Duration: 75 Minutes

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Unfortunately, major criminal or terrorist incidents rock heavily populated areas far too frequently. Witnesses at the scene have captured images and videos with their mobile devices, sometimes without realizing it, that can help law enforcement and intelligence agencies gather vital evidence in the first few critical hours after an incident.

But today, the process of collecting and triaging evidence is still analog, and when racing against the clock, the delay creates unnecessary barriers to containing an incident. Frontline investigators need to send the material to the lab and wait till they have processed it, and some victims and witnesses don’t want to surrender their mobile phones and have to be without them, all at the cost to critical time.

However, to improve response time, collect critical evidence, and triage evidence for enhanced investigation, there are new best practices that can be employed to improve your incident response using digital forensics.

Join MSAB for a walkthrough and discussion of best practices that frontline officers can use to improve their incident response using digital forensic solutions, from ways to crowdsource evidence collection at the scene of an incident, to how to triage data using watchlists and tags, and how to forward critical evidence to other analysts and investigators in the investigation process.

Presented by:
Mike Dickinson, Chief Business Development Officer, MSAB
Jansen Cohoon, President, MSAB, Inc. Raven Product Specialist

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