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What ICAC Investigators Need to Know about Hiding on the Internet: Tor, Darknets, & Dark Markets
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Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Recorded on April 19, 2022

This webinar will build on concepts and techniques discussed in the previous What ICAC Investigators Need to Know about Hiding on the Internet: Proxies and VPNs webinar. But, it is not necessary for an investigator or analyst to have attended the previous webinar to attend, understand, and gain valuable investigative insights from this deep dive webinar.     

Tor is most commonly used to hide one’s identity. But it can also be used by an insider to breach a firewall or Internet filter and is a gateway to what is commonly called the Darknet. While Tor is the most common anonymity network, it is definitely not the only one. And, while Tor Hidden Service servers are the most well-known portion of the Darknet, there are other areas accessible through other networks. You can exchange Child Sexual Abuse Material, discuss criminal tradecraft, buy and sell illicit drugs, find stolen personal identifying information, and negotiate with those offering hacking as-a-service on Dark Markets and in Darknet Vendor Shops.

This webinar is not intended to make attendees experts, but rather to demystify the topic. It includes case studies and a discussion of specific investigative techniques. The webinar will give investigators and analysts the foundation that they need to understand these tools and communities, both how they are exploited by criminals and how they can be used by investigators and analysts.  
Presented by:
Chuck Cohen, Vice President, NW3C

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