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Intel Collection Part 2: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Intel Collection
On Demand
Duration: 90 minutes
This webinar is intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel: those who are directly attached to or work in support of a law enforcement agency. Please register using your agency-issued email .

With the vast amount of data available and the calls for stopping law enforcement’s access to data, part two of this series covers tracking and using international phone numbers, IP addresses, social media tools and techniques, tips for legal process to social media companies, and free law enforcement tools. We will also discuss rules for using social media in investigations.
This webinar will build on concepts and techniques discussed in the Intel Collection for LE Part 1: Expanding the Known, Finding the Unknown and Protecting Your Agency webinar. It is not necessary for you to have attended the previous webinar to attend, understand and gain valuable knowledge from this informative webinar.

Presented by: Kevin Branzetti
Employed as the Deputy Chief of Intelligence in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Webinar Fee: $39.00

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