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Blockchain Tracing: Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Investigation Workshop
On Demand
Duration: 90 minutes

CipherTrace’s cryptocurrency anti-money laundering and financial investigation Webinar provides hands-on instruction on blockchain and blockchain tracing. Attendees will learn a risk-based approach to tracing source of blockchain funds and de-anonymizing cryptocurrency transactions with cryptocurrency forensic tools. They will develop and hone digital forensic investigation techniques. The course will equip participants with an understanding of cryptocurrency fundamentals and the specific understanding of tracing cryptocurrency transactions. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of blockchain forensic investigations by learning how to best leverage tools and resources to reduce investigation time and improve information yield. CipherTrace provides the infrastructure to enable secure, verifiable and legal commerce for cryptocurrency markets.

Presented By:
Pamela Garner, Director of Forensics and Training, CipherTrace
Paul Reyff, Vice President of Sales, CipherTrace

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