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Phishing to Laundering: From Clicks to Cash-Out
Wed, Jun 19, 2019 2:00 PM Eastern
Duration: 75 Minutes

This webinar is intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel: those who are directly attached to or work in support of a law enforcement agency. Please register using your agency-issued email.

It is widely acknowledged that Phishing is responsible for >90% of breaches occurring today. Basic phishing primarily exploits human behavior to entice a victim to ‘click the link’ or ‘open the attachment’ thus often handing over to the criminal the golden nugget – valid access credentials. While we are all taught not to click or open the attachment, the scheme is still highly successful and profitable. In fact, recent reporting indicates that regardless of the amount of training provided, organizations will likely see at least 4% of their workforce click on a link thus resulting in some sort of compromise.

During this webinar, a panel of NCFTA experts will explain how phishing campaigns are conducted; from developing a “phish kit”, to weaponizing a botnet for delivery, using any stolen credentials for financial gain, then laundering millions of dollars all over the world to fund their lavish lifestyles at your expense, etc.

Presented by:
Tiffany McLee, CAMS, Team Lead for the Cyber Financial Program, NCFTA
Omar Al-Shahery, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, NCFTA
Taylor Transue, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, NCFTA
Owen Nearhoof, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, NCFTA

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