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NW3C’s Utility Suite: What is it, and how can it help in your investigations
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Duration: 60 MInutes

Recorded August 20, 2019

This webinar is intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel: those who are directly attached to or work in support of a law enforcement agency. Please register using your agency-issued email.

During this webinar we will be discussing the tools included within the NW3C Utility Suite. What they do, how they work, and how they can help in your investigations. The tools that will be discussed include: Quick Hashing Utility, Batch Hashing Utility, Hex Viewer, Date/Time Utility, Recycle Bin Parser, SQLite Extraction Utility, and USN Journal Converter. These tools are available to Law Enforcement as a free download from NW3C’s website.

Presented by: Justin Wykes,High-Tech Crime Specialist, NW3C

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