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Follow the Money: FinCrime Investigation Case Studies
Tue, Apr 28, 2020 1:00 PM Eastern
Duration: 90 Minutes

Money laundering is a global, trillion-dollar crime that extends into all areas of commerce. The reality is that money laundering isn’t just a standalone crime, it is also a symptom of additional crimes which generate illicit proceeds. Whether due to lone wolf criminals, or as the result of transnational organized crime, or international corruption, money laundering can be challenging to prove as both a factual matter and as part of a criminal prosecution.

This learning session will outline not only the essential elements of a criminal case of money laundering, but also examine how additional charges can be brought to flush out the elements of that charge. Learners will get a better understanding of the prosecutor’s approach to money laundering (and its related crimes), as well as tools to follow the transactions that can substantiate such a charge. By moving from the academic to applied subject matter, learners will get deep insight into how to both trace illicit assets, as well as how to prepare their findings for criminal cases. The webinar will rely on real-world examples of financial crime, and explain how cases like those can be further built out by investigators, analysts, and compliance officers.

Presented by Michael Schidlow, Scienter Group

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